Beth Baldino, MSW, CHHC
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
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Success Story: Woman’s New Awareness Impacts Family

Overall I feel that working with Beth has led me to change the way I look at food.  Not only the make-up of what I eat, but how it affects me and the ways in which cravings are tied to emotional and stress experiences of life.  This awareness spills over into other aspects of my life, and that of my family’s. My adolescent daughter, for example, has learned through our experimenting with this process that too much sugar in the wrong snack at night may lead to poor sleep or headaches, while snacking on the right foods right before track practice supports her workouts. Now she’s not so surprised that after a weekend of pizza, bagels and pancakes, she feels down and is looking for a lift.  As this subtle awareness become part of myself, (and my daughter) the choices to balance become natural.

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