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Recipe: Spiced Lentils

Beans are a rich source of protein, fiber, minerals including iron, potassium, and magnesium, and vitamins like folate. They also contain phytochemicals like flavonoids, anti-oxidants that help the body avoid oxygen-related damage. Their health benefits include blood-sugar maintenance, cancer-prevention, and promoting heart health. Beans can also play an important role in weight management, as they provide lots of satisfying “bulk” without a lot of calories.

Lentils are a particularly good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. They are also provide special benefits in managing blood-sugar disorders since their high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal. They also provide good to excellent amounts of six important minerals, two B-vitamins, and protein-all with virtually no fat.

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Recipe: Curried Millet

Whole grains, like millet, are an excellent source of nutrition and fiber. Because the body absorbs them more slowly than the processed variety (breads, crackers, pastas, etc), they provide a sustained source of energy and do not cause the blood-sugar fluctuations that can lead to mood swings, a lack of energy, and insulin-related disorders (including diabetes). Millet, in particular, is a heart-healthy choice because of the magnesium it contains, a mineral which has been shown to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack, especially in people with atherosclerosis or diabetic heart disease. Magnesium is a mineral that has also been shown in studies to reduce the severity of asthma and the frequency of migraine attacks.

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Boosting Immunity – Critical Factors

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate getting sick. Illness of every kind, from the common cold to major debilitating diseases, takes us off course, wastes our precious time, and zaps the energy we would otherwise have to use on much more important endeavors. Staying healthy is a critical way to ensure that you have the opportunity to live your very best life possible.

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes find ourselves or our children more or less susceptible to various viruses and infections? There are numerous factors that play a role. For most of us, diet can be hugely important. A well-balanced variety of natural whole foods can certainly go a long way towards increasing resistance.

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