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Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu- Part I

It’s once again that time of year when concerns for our health focus on the flu, and the question of whether to vaccinate ourselves and our families looms large. This year, there’s also the swine flu to consider, and the conflicting reports about the H1N1 have many people concerned.

I don’t intend to explore the issue of whether vaccines are safe or effective. The  decision regarding whether they are right for you can only be made by you. Do your research, and if you’re unsure, discuss the issue with holistic health experts who you trust and respect.

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Simple Brownies-Dairy, Wheat & Sugar-Free

These brownies are dairy, sugar, and wheat-free. I also love them for their ease. They are different than traditional brownies, but rich & satisfying. They go well with an all-natural whipped cream on the side. Kids tend to really enjoy them!

In terms of the health benefits, the carob is high-fiber, and contains antioxidants, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, and an anti-allergic & antibacterial substance called gallic acid. Unlike chocolate, it has no caffeine, which makes this a great alternative for the evening dessert for children or adults who are sensitive to caffeine’s effects. The garbanzo beans (chick peas) are a good source of  folic acid, manganese, protein, and a trace mineral called molybdenum, known to detoxify sulfites, a preservative often found in wine, lunch meats, and used on salad  bars.

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Exercise not working for you? Consider the PACE alternative

PACE® stands for Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary
It involves:

1) interval training (short bursts of activity alternating with rest),
2) progressivity (increasing challenge over time to avoid an adaptive response and the “plateau” effect)
3) incremental intensity,
4) decreasing duration
5) acceleration.


Dr. Al Sears, the creator of this program, promises his approach will yield more strength and greater fitness in less time. Sears believes that after a few weeks of a “cardio” routine, you stop making progress and hit a “plateau” while PACE helps you break through those dead spots and keeps you moving forward. Within just a few months of PACE, Sears claims, you’ll be able to pump more blood and deliver more oxygen to your muscles – raising your energy levels like never before.

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Public Presentation-Lose Weight the Natural Way & Keep It Off For Good

Are you done with dieting and ready for a different approach? If you have tried various diet plans and found that they either didn’t work for you, or only had a temporary effect, it is time to learn about conscious eating and how you can learn to love delicious whole foods. It really is possible to feel nourished and fulfilled by what you eat, improve your levels of wellness overall, and achieve your ideal body weight. Based on my work as a Health Counselor supporting people with this process of lifestyle change, I’m conducting a free discussion on the key aspects of embarking on a journey that will change your relationship to food. During this talk, we’ll discuss how one gets started with this process, and provide an overview of what’s required to make this kind of transition. Specifically, I will:

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