Beth Baldino, MSW, CHHC
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
(973) 979-6951

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Comprehensive Weight Management & Wellness

Are you ready to get serious about improving your health, increasing your energy, and avoiding disease conditions by finally getting to a healthy weight?

The program includes:

  • Initial 30-minute screening & consultation to assess your suitability for this approach
  • Five weeks of a structured eating plan, focusing on real whole foods, for which you’ll receive all the guidance and monitoring required to make it work for your specific needs
  • Five, weekly, hour-long sessions with me, in-office or via phone/skype, to monitor progress, weight, measurements, and work on all related concerns
  • Health Assessment to identify underlying conditions with recommendations as appropriate
  • All necessary tools, including food scale, ketone strips for tracking your body’s fat-burning status, powdered drink packs for reducing hunger between meals,  complete Ultra Lite manual and recipe book, as well as Weight Loss for Life/Diabetes Prevention manual
  • Access to on-line resources for additional recipes, information on lifestyle factors and general health issues related to weight management goals

For clients who are eligible, based on half-hour assessment process, and ready to get started right away on their journey to true wellness, all this is available for a $350 investment in your health! 

Looking for more information or inspiration to help you focus in on what’s at stake here and how much you have to gain from taking control of your health? See my article on the foundations of true wellness. Or, please sit back and check out this presentation that helps tie it all together in terms of where we find ourselves at this time, and what you can do about it.

Please contact me at, or call (828) 216-6606 to get started today!

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