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The Foundation of Wellness

The foundation of any wellness program must revolve around people learning how to have food support health instead of destroy it, reducing excess amounts of fat on the body and supporting any bio-chemical deficiencies with effective nutrition. Everything else is just a band-aid.

There is no question that being at your ideal weight significantly lowers your risk for heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and other chronic illnesses. Fat around the belly area, known as visceral or intra-abdominal fat, is particularly linked to elevated levels of cholesterol, insulin, triglycerides and blood pressure; all markers for the development of disease conditions.

Most people who are carrying excess weight on their bodies would really like to lose it. The majority have some idea of how to do this, and may have been temporarily successful with “diet plans” before, only to regain the weight once “normal” eating resumes, or old habits of using food to manage stress and fulfill other needs return.

This is not your fault

Having a healthy, structured process to follow for losing fat, a multi-faceted approach that addresses all the related issues, the right tools, and a trained professional to guide and support you through the process of learning to eat differently is, for many people, the key to success. The primary issues that need to be considered and evaluated as part of a comprehensive process include:

Your Set Point, or typical body weight, which is determined by your genes and your environment. Aspects of our modern lifestyle, including getting too little sleep and eating on the run, have combined to raise many people’s set points. It is common to experience a weight-loss plateau. However, by employing a holistic approach and developing a solid plan for maintaining your progress at each stage, you can establish a new set point and go on to lose more weight.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities may cause us to crave the foods that we are allergic to. Just as a drug addict suffers withdrawal symptoms when the drug becomes unavailable, allergic people experience discomfort when they no longer have access to a particular food. Most people who struggle with their weight can attest to the overwhelming power of their addictions, while not fully understanding that their cravings are based on physiological needs and not about a simple lack of willpower. An individual’s genetic predisposition will impact which part of the body is targeted, but migraines, fatigue, depression, skin rashes, irritable bowel, and arthritis symptoms can all be related to food addictions. Experts are finding that the big weight loss that can occur once someone is following a low-allergen eating plan has less to do with the quantity of calories eaten and is very much related to no longer consuming the offending food substances.

Nutritional Deficiencies, Chemical Imbalances & Underlying Conditions may be plaguing some people, due to the diet they’ve followed up to this point, a stressful lifestyle, or genetic predispositions. An adequate supply of endorphins, the brain chemicals described as natural pain killers and responsible for what is known as “runners high,” can produce elevated moods, more restful sleep, and higher pain tolerance. They can be introduced via natural supplements or certain foods, and more effectively produced by our bodies and transmitted properly by ensuring we have an adequate supply of vitamins like B, C and Folic Acid, minerals like calcium and magnesium, as well as healthy fats. And malfunctions related to the digestive, hormonal, or endocrine system need to be identified and addressed. Everything that helps you feel better overall and brings your body into balance will make it easier to maintain healthy habits that allow you to achieve your weight management goals.

Emotional Eating is another issue that must be addressed in an effective weight management program. The tendency to use food to make us feel better or fulfill other needs that have nothing to do with appetite or nutritional requirements is a common practice. It’s hard to avoid learning to use food as a means of comfort, to cope with stress, or as a reward because, for most people, the habit begins in childhood (when we’re given popsicles after being hurt, cookies when our parents are busy and need to distract us, or ice cream for good grades). No one meant to harm us, it’s just part of our culture. Identifying and employing other means for getting our needs met, developing practices that help us better manage the ups and downs of live, and learning to channel the good intent that drove you to dive into the cookie bag yesterday (I want to feel better right now!) into a much more helpful choice today (I’m going to eat something now that will taste good AND serve my body well so I’ll feel better for the entire rest of the day!)

Last but not least, Exercise, in the form of something you enjoy doing to move your body on a regular basis, is absolutely essential for developing/maintaining the muscle that will keep your metabolism fully functioning. And as an added benefit,  being in physical motion has a wonderful affect on your mood and overall energy levels, which will only help with the whole process.

The solution

Ultra Lite is a health and weight management system that teaches you how to eat, when to eat and what to eat to convert your body into fat-burning mode.  It is a balanced carbohydrate and protein plan that assists you in losing fat while preserving muscle mass, a key to good metabolism. Developed in Australia over 16 years ago and used by over a million people without side effect since this time, this plan allows women to lose between 1-4 pounds a week and men between 3-5 pounds a week in a healthy and systemized manner.

Most importantly, once you reach your desired weight, you will be able to keep it off for good by participating in a WeightlossforLife program, which provides all the skills you need for eating more food without gaining weight. This phase includes an assessment of your food sensitivities and allergies, so that these previously undiagnosed issues don’t continue to sabotage your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

And of course concurrent to all this, my program also involves assessing and addressing the set point, nutritional/chemical deficiency, underlying imbalances, and emotional eating issues that are so critical to a holistic approach.

If you are serious about improving your health and committed to making the changes you know will serve you, . please see here for more details.

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