I talk to people daily that come in to the Studio or call and tell me that their back hurts, or their knees hurt or their...shoulders, neck, feet...

Sound familiar? They go to see their doctor and the doctor tells them "You need to strengthen your core, have you tried Pilates?"

And that's when they come to me, or another studio.

Terrific right? Pilates will solve all your problems, but there's something you need to know first before you settle in to my Studio or any other.

Are they teaching True Pilates?

Not to throw shade, but Americans like to fuse things. We fuse Pilates with TRX, Spin, HIIT, or Yoga. Taking some of the movements and immersing them in another form of exercise. We fuse Yoga with Sauna's and hanging hammocks. We are a fuse crazy society trying to create the next great fitness fad. How do I know? I did it too. Years ago. 

But fads fade and Pilates, real Pilates has been around for 100 years. It doesn't need fusion with anything for it to be effective, you just need to get in a class that teaches it as true to its original form as possible. That means teaching you the method behind the movement. Teaching you to be body aware and present during your workout. Teaching YOU more about yourself than you even realized you could know.

So when you come to us to do Pilates, we're going to take you on a journey of self discovery. This isn't a workout, it's a lifestyle. Many of the franchise studios offering Pilates type classes are geared more towards fitness than movement. They are formatted to make you feel the burn, tear down muscle and build it up, which is great if your in decent shape and have no hidden issues.

But if your back hurts (or something else hurts), you want real Pilates first. You want a small group class with no more than 6-8 people, when I work with beginners, the smaller the class the better. In fact, if you’re in a lot of pain, private sessions are the way to go, until you’re more familiar with the movements, equipment, and what kind of modifications you’ll need to make during classes.

How do you know if you are doing true Pilates? Ask for credentials. As Pilates Teachers we go through an intensive comprehensive training program that takes a year or more. We have to learn the movement, the language, anatomy, how to teach, how to recognize imbalances and how to help people who are in pain to move in their own unique body. We put in hours of training, taking private sessions, classes, observing and teaching before finally receiving our certifications. 

It makes a huge difference. Weekend certifications are great for a basic fitness class, but this method is so much more. You can tell when you’re taking classes from a true Pilates nerd. We ask questions, especially if you’re in pain. We perform touch corrections and I personally take opportunities during class to deconstruct specific movements so that everyone understands ‘where should I be feeling this?’.

True Pilates is an investment in your Health and Well-Being, correcting faulty movement patterns and teaching you functional movement that you use every day in the real world. Schedule your Pilates session in my Newbury Park, CA Studio OR join us online with our Conscious Wellness Community.