When I’m teaching a class, every time I get to Tree in the order, I smile and say with great enthusiasm, I LOVE ❤️ TREE 🌳. I get a lot of grumbles and comments about wishing I had forgotten it. 😂 But I never forget it and eventually there’s that one student in the class who says, “I’m starting to hate it less” which eventually leads to “I like Tree” and not long after, “I love it” 

To me, Tree is symbolic of life. Before I taught Classical Pilates, I used to leave Tree out. Why? Because Tree is hard. It makes you move in ways that challenge the tight places in your body. It exposes every part of you that needs improvement and can make you feel awkward and vulnerable (just like life). But when you get good at it, it stops feeling awkward and starts to feel empowering. It stops looking like a struggle and starts to feel more like a dance.

I see the most visible improvements in students during Tree. So next time you’re in class remember, the benefits of doing it far outweigh the discomfort of learning it. and when you get really good at it, take it to the Barrel.

Anybody out there want to share their feelings of Tree? I love hearing your experiences, and if you've never tried it? Well then you've got something to look forward to.