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Exercise not working for you? Consider the PACE alternative

PACE® stands for Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary
It involves:

1) interval training (short bursts of activity alternating with rest),
2) progressivity (increasing challenge over time to avoid an adaptive response and the “plateau” effect)
3) incremental intensity,
4) decreasing duration
5) acceleration.


Dr. Al Sears, the creator of this program, promises his approach will yield more strength and greater fitness in less time. Sears believes that after a few weeks of a “cardio” routine, you stop making progress and hit a “plateau” while PACE helps you break through those dead spots and keeps you moving forward. Within just a few months of PACE, Sears claims, you’ll be able to pump more blood and deliver more oxygen to your muscles – raising your energy levels like never before.

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