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The Value of Relaxed Eating & Deep Breathing

Of all the things I work with clients on, the process of learning to relax more, particularly focusing on improving breathing, can have the biggest impact with the least amount of relative effort.  And people that use the breathing exercise recommended below tend to really love it and feel the difference right away.

When we’re in a more relaxed state, the eating process serves us better because:

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  • We don’t excrete as many vitamins & minerals through urinary loss
  • LDL cholesterol is less likely to go up

The Classic Master Cleanse

Many people ask me about cleansing programs and whether they could be helpful for them. In the same way it makes sense to clear out old junk before starting a renovation, a cleanse can be a means of helping the body to release toxic weight as you embark upon a new healthier lifestyle and approach to food.  A cleanse can be a means of “jump-starting” the whole process. It is recommended that you work with a holistic health expert before starting any kind of cleanse.

Would you benefit from a cleanse?

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Keys to Cancer Prevention-Advice from Dr. David Servan Schreiber

“Every day, three times a day, I am building an anti-cancer biology, and anyone can do that, we just need to tell people how.”

This is what Dr. David Servan Schreiber, cancer-survivor and author of Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life, says about his diet. He argues that while we are all exposed to cancer-stimulating factors, mainly through our diets and lifestyle choices, we have a profound ability to control our own health by avoiding certain foods and consuming others in larger quantities.

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