Beth Baldino, MSW, CHHC
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
(973) 979-6951

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Nurtured by Fantastic Women’s Group

Where to begin? I feel I have worked with so many professionals in the field of health and wellness both body and soul and I can honestly say without reservation that Beth is by far the most superior for me. She clearly has a passion for what she does and lives the whole lifestyle. Beth does not preach but prompts you to reflect on your own needs related to physical and mental health. She does this in a way that is truly non-threatening, non-judgmental and completely individualized and personalized.

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Success Story: Feeling Like A New Person

I first met Beth at my local library when she gave a talk on SUGAR.  I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and remembered her.  When I knew it was time to get serious about dealing with my terrible eating habits I checked out Beth’s website and was intrigued by what I saw and read.  I finally decided to get in touch with her and see what she was all about.  I was concerned about my weight which just kept going up no matter what I did or didn’t do (at least that is the way it seemed to me) and there is a history of diabetes in my family.  I wanted to prevent that from happening to me.  I felt tired all the time and it seemed like I never felt rested, no matter how much I slept each night.

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Success Stories: Healthy Food Can Be Delicious & Easy!

This program was excellent! I learned new ways of preparing foods I have only tried a few times…this program helped me find new ways to eat raw greens with outstanding dressings and filling additions. I loved the recipes.

Jennifer C.

This program helped me learn how to cook a healthy meal that tastes good and is not hard to do or intimidating. It made me want to try new healthy recipes.

Yolanda A.

Amazingly, Bethʼs green salad recipes were delicious. Very tasty!

Zaira E.

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Success Story: Nothing Less Than a Journey

I had a wonderful experience with Beth beginning with the very first meeting. It was clear that this is her passion. Working one-on-one with Beth was nothing less than a journey for me. I came to embrace the “primary foods” philosophy, finally realizing after all this time that relationships, spirituality, food, and exercise are all interrelated – you can’t just focus on one without affecting another — balance is key!

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Success Story: A Couple Making Lifestyle Changes Together

Working with Beth involved a lifestyle change.  We initially thought that we were eating in a somewhat healthy manner, however through weeks of meeting with Beth we gradually developed an awareness of what to look for when entering the supermarket.  We are enjoying preparing our newly-discovered food and enjoying many new flavors.

Beth has also instilled in us the value of exercise with insight into different ways of exercising for our age group.

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Success Story: Woman’s New Awareness Impacts Family

Overall I feel that working with Beth has led me to change the way I look at food.  Not only the make-up of what I eat, but how it affects me and the ways in which cravings are tied to emotional and stress experiences of life.  This awareness spills over into other aspects of my life, and that of my family’s. My adolescent daughter, for example, has learned through our experimenting with this process that too much sugar in the wrong snack at night may lead to poor sleep or headaches, while snacking on the right foods right before track practice supports her workouts. Now she’s not so surprised that after a weekend of pizza, bagels and pancakes, she feels down and is looking for a lift.  As this subtle awareness become part of myself, (and my daughter) the choices to balance become natural.

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Success Story: So Much More Than Food

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth. When I initially signed up to work with her my only issue (so I thought) was weight control. Little did I know that I would be diving in deeper than the weight issue and really begin to work on the whole me instead of just one area. Beth’s approach to weight control is much different than any I’ve seen. Instead of giving you a long list of what NOT to eat, she begins slowly by adding one healthy food group TO EAT at a time. She comes to our meeting with a new “goodie” each week and recipes for that food group. She has given me shopping tips as well as tips for creating harmony in my busy life.

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Success Story: No More Dieting

In all honesty I find that most words do not do justice to the magic Beth works. Her entire approach from the start was to look at me first as an individual and guide me to guide myself! Beth is equipped with so much knowledge and an ability to listen without an ounce of judgment involved. Her approach to counseling me was always clear and on target. After 43 years of dieting, I can honestly say I will never use that word again when talking about myself. Working with Beth from the start was about learning how to make healthier choices and prepare healthier foods. With her guidance, I soon realized that while this was clearly important, it wouldn’t work alone. With that, I had to be ready to look deeper into myself and evaluate what was going on. I love that in the beginning she simply said, “listen to your body!” Sounds easy enough, but when you really do it, WOW, it does speak, and the entire process of trying different combinations of foods and evaluating how they made me feel was incredible. I always left our sessions feeling ready to embark on a new task related to creating a healthier me by learning to nurture myself.

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Success Story: Changing Habits, Thoughts & Practices

Beth is clearly knowledgeable about nutrition and worked to define our experience around my needs. She actively listened to all I shared and continually helped me reshape my ideas, frustrations and burdens to be healthier overall. Beth is a great counselor and I found her VERY easy to talk with. She is also proactive in teaching in a hands-on way to help you incorporate new habits, thoughts and practices into your life. As a result of my work with Beth I have changed my lifestyle in many ways. Beth helped to calm me down and allow me to take time for me! I love the meal planning and purposeful thought about my health, my family’s health, relationship health and infusing relaxation into a very busy schedule. I feel better generally and I am more conscious of my role in creating a healthy environment for myself and my family.

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