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Getting a Payoff for Staying Stuck? Learning to Choose Growth

Most people say they would like to change the circumstances that cause them to suffer. Often, we know this involves changing our own behavior in some regard, and many times we may embark on a plan to do just that, only to find that in very short time, we revert back to making the same choices, and experiencing the same familiar consequences.

Getting unstuck is not a one-time endeavor, because life’s natural experiences of loss and change require us to let go, shift our thinking, and implement new ideas and plans from time to time.

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Comprehensive Weight Management & Wellness

Are you ready to get serious about improving your health, increasing your energy, and avoiding disease conditions by finally getting to a healthy weight?

The program includes:

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  • Initial 30-minute screening & consultation to assess your suitability for this approach
  • Five weeks of a structured eating plan, focusing on real whole foods, for which you’ll receive all the guidance and monitoring required to make it work for your specific needs
  • Five, weekly, hour-long sessions with me, in-office or via phone/skype, to monitor progress, weight, measurements, and work on all related concerns
  • Health Assessment to identify underlying conditions with recommendations as appropriate

Feel Your Feelings and Stop Self-Sabotaging

Having difficulty allowing and dealing with our feelings is a common problem that can contribute to our tendency to self-sabotage by making unhealthy choices in all areas of our life. The anxiety created by resisting feelings and allowing them to get stuck, rather than relaxing into them so that they may flow through us and naturally pass, can cause us to crave distraction and comfort in things that do not serve us. Ultimately, those poor choices only contribute to our unpleasant feelings, creating a vicious cycle of continuously feeling bad and endlessly seeking relief.  And of course, a tendency to get stuck in bad feeling has nothing but negative impact on our relationships, our ability to work most effectively, and our capacity to feel joyful and at peace.

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Success Story: Feeling Like A New Person

I first met Beth at my local library when she gave a talk on SUGAR.  I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and remembered her.  When I knew it was time to get serious about dealing with my terrible eating habits I checked out Beth’s website and was intrigued by what I saw and read.  I finally decided to get in touch with her and see what she was all about.  I was concerned about my weight which just kept going up no matter what I did or didn’t do (at least that is the way it seemed to me) and there is a history of diabetes in my family.  I wanted to prevent that from happening to me.  I felt tired all the time and it seemed like I never felt rested, no matter how much I slept each night.

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Holistic Review of a Full Life

This is a tool I use at the beginning of the Health Counseling process, in order to help people focus on the areas of their lives which could most benefit from some loving attention and effort. Hope you find it helpful in your journey towards improved health.

Holistic Review of All Aspects of a Well-Balanced Life

Food, and how you choose to eat, is very much linked to your other habits, practices, and overall life circumstances. The degree to which you feel fulfilled in all areas will partially determine how well you are able to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, when you nourish yourself with good food, you will find you have a better ability to get your needs met in all other areas and create the life you most desire.

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The Value of Relaxed Eating & Deep Breathing

Of all the things I work with clients on, the process of learning to relax more, particularly focusing on improving breathing, can have the biggest impact with the least amount of relative effort.  And people that use the breathing exercise recommended below tend to really love it and feel the difference right away.

When we’re in a more relaxed state, the eating process serves us better because:

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  • We don’t excrete as many vitamins & minerals through urinary loss
  • LDL cholesterol is less likely to go up

Techniques for Achieving Your Goals with Ease – Manifesting, Part I

I am  absolutely convinced that we have much more ability to create our own reality than most of us ever take advantage of. I know some people may consider this idea to be “new age” nonsense, but it would more accurately be described as ancient wisdom, as related manifesting practices have been used throughout the world for centuries. It’s also quite practical, relatively easy, and most certainly risk-free. I help my clients work towards achieving their goals by identifying their priorities, helping them make commitments, supporting them in accomplishing tasks, etc., in a very traditional way. This is important work and it can be very effective.  However, the manifesting work can really help facilitate progress, particularly when someone is struggling with getting started or finds themselves stuck along the way.

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Success Story: A Couple Making Lifestyle Changes Together

Working with Beth involved a lifestyle change.  We initially thought that we were eating in a somewhat healthy manner, however through weeks of meeting with Beth we gradually developed an awareness of what to look for when entering the supermarket.  We are enjoying preparing our newly-discovered food and enjoying many new flavors.

Beth has also instilled in us the value of exercise with insight into different ways of exercising for our age group.

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Success Story: Woman’s New Awareness Impacts Family

Overall I feel that working with Beth has led me to change the way I look at food.  Not only the make-up of what I eat, but how it affects me and the ways in which cravings are tied to emotional and stress experiences of life.  This awareness spills over into other aspects of my life, and that of my family’s. My adolescent daughter, for example, has learned through our experimenting with this process that too much sugar in the wrong snack at night may lead to poor sleep or headaches, while snacking on the right foods right before track practice supports her workouts. Now she’s not so surprised that after a weekend of pizza, bagels and pancakes, she feels down and is looking for a lift.  As this subtle awareness become part of myself, (and my daughter) the choices to balance become natural.

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Success Story: So Much More Than Food

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Beth. When I initially signed up to work with her my only issue (so I thought) was weight control. Little did I know that I would be diving in deeper than the weight issue and really begin to work on the whole me instead of just one area. Beth’s approach to weight control is much different than any I’ve seen. Instead of giving you a long list of what NOT to eat, she begins slowly by adding one healthy food group TO EAT at a time. She comes to our meeting with a new “goodie” each week and recipes for that food group. She has given me shopping tips as well as tips for creating harmony in my busy life.

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