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Nurturing Ourselves – A “To-Do List” That’s All About YOU

I’m not sure how we forget that we are just as important as everyone else in our lives who we are so good at serving. Most of the people who vie for our attention can be very good at asking for what they want. If you have children, for example, they won’t let you forget that they expect to eat five times a day. Similarly, the community organization in which you help out in your “free time” is never shy about reminding you that there are many critical needs. Unfortunately, there generally won’t be anyone speaking up on our behalf if we aren’t tuned in to our own internal voice reminding us that we have needs too.

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Boosting Immunity – Critical Factors

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate getting sick. Illness of every kind, from the common cold to major debilitating diseases, takes us off course, wastes our precious time, and zaps the energy we would otherwise have to use on much more important endeavors. Staying healthy is a critical way to ensure that you have the opportunity to live your very best life possible.

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes find ourselves or our children more or less susceptible to various viruses and infections? There are numerous factors that play a role. For most of us, diet can be hugely important. A well-balanced variety of natural whole foods can certainly go a long way towards increasing resistance.

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Recipe: Wellness Elixir

This is a seriously powerful immune-boosting formula that can be used up to three times a day when you’re feeling at risk of coming down with something big.  This drink has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. The cayenne ensures it’s also very warming, which is always helpful when you’re ill. This recipe will provide enough for several mugs-worth of elixir. I typically use about one spoonful of honey per mug. More honey would disguise the taste (which I admit, isn’t great, but it’s worth it for the effect you’ll get…maybe this will help you be more motivated to take better care of yourself in the future so so you don’t get to this point ♥ ).

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Success Story: No More Dieting

In all honesty I find that most words do not do justice to the magic Beth works. Her entire approach from the start was to look at me first as an individual and guide me to guide myself! Beth is equipped with so much knowledge and an ability to listen without an ounce of judgment involved. Her approach to counseling me was always clear and on target. After 43 years of dieting, I can honestly say I will never use that word again when talking about myself. Working with Beth from the start was about learning how to make healthier choices and prepare healthier foods. With her guidance, I soon realized that while this was clearly important, it wouldn’t work alone. With that, I had to be ready to look deeper into myself and evaluate what was going on. I love that in the beginning she simply said, “listen to your body!” Sounds easy enough, but when you really do it, WOW, it does speak, and the entire process of trying different combinations of foods and evaluating how they made me feel was incredible. I always left our sessions feeling ready to embark on a new task related to creating a healthier me by learning to nurture myself.

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Essentials of Natural Home Health-Care

Now that the weather is finally consistent with the season, it’s the perfect time to think about how we might prepare for fending off the illnesses we’ll be exposed to as late autumn leads into winter. The recent Waldorf-sponsored workshop, Essentials of Home Health Care, conducted by Jeanne Schirm and Judith Brockway Aventuro, two holistic nurses who have studied Anthroposophical medicine, couldn’t have been timelier. Their program combined a description of general principles regarding the qualities of a healthy home environment along with an overview of practical techniques for assisting a patient through an illness in a way that will facilitate the healing process rather than just suppress symptoms. For me, it provided good reinforcement of practices that I have already employed and the presentation of interesting new ideas I can add to my repertoire.

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