Mike and I went to see Colleen after we had our body fat tested by one of the hydrostatic testing companies that test you completely submerged.  We were both surprised at the results.  We thought we ate and exercised well and attributed the fact that we were both carrying a little extra weight to being close to that 50 marker.  Colleen had us fill out our "sample menus" of what we "typically" ate over the course of a week and then we met with her with open minds, and boy did she fill those minds.  What we thought we were doing right, what we thought we were doing well for our bodies was completely the WRONG things!!  I was getting too much sugar and fiber- me, who watches everything I eat and Mike was getting too much protein- he who thought you couldn't get enough protein!!  With the (fairly) simple changes her program has introduced into our day to day diets the results have been amazing and fast.  Within the first week- we both lost several pounds and that has continued- even though weight loss was not one of our main goals. The changes are not just to your body either, your hair changes, your skin changes, your energy level changes- it is in one word awesome. Thank you Colleen so much for your time and your guidance.                                                                    
    -- Linda & Mike K.